FUJI MAE, The Company

More than 30 years of experience in the martial arts market have made us one of the leading companies.

The reasons that make it possible for FUJI MAE will hold a privileged position in the national and international markets, are the cause of many commitments.

  •      Meets the highest standards of expertise.
  •     It offers an extensive range of products covering all needs.
  •      Maintaining a high stock in their warehouses, ensuring excellent service.
  •      Ability to customize kits for Federations, associations, etc.
  •      It has expert staff to advise you on your purchase.
  •     It offers a permanent personal attention before and after the sale.


FUJI MAE Head Office
Can Albareda, 5-7 (Pol. Ind. El Congost)
08760 Martorell - Barcelona (Spain)

Tel (+34) 93 775 04 33 - Fax (+34) 93 775 04 32
fujimae@fujimae.com - http://www.fujimae.com

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