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YNH Practical Katana Nokon

128,95 €

YariNoHanzo Practical Katana Nokon recommended for practice.

• 70cm AISI 1045 carbon steel blade. Artificial Hamon (edge pattern).
• 27cm navy blue braided Tsuka (handle) made of real ray skin.
• 2cm Sori (blade curvature).
• Black lacquered wooden Saya (scabbard).
• Smoothed molten iron Tsuba (sword guard) and Kashira (pommel) for a safe handling practice.
• Cotton bag included.
• YNH Practical line has been exclusively conceived for the practice of Iaido, Kendo, Kenjutsu, etc. Well-balanced blades perfectly fitting the Saya, and paying attention to any detail. A katana designed to join you over the path of Martial Arts during a long time.
• Available in sharp- (S) and non-sharp- (N) edged version.

SKU 42900
Weight 1115 / 1365 gr
Composition Carbon Steel
Dimensions 70 / 100 cm
Discipline Aikido - Kendo - Iaido


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YNH Practical Katana Nokon

YNH Practical Katana Nokon

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