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Basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

31,95 €

Intended as a first-time uniform for beginners for a low-cost training with guarantees, the Basic Brazilian JiuJitsuGi combines functionality and simplicity without compromising any quality ordurability standard. Definitely, the ideal partner to start a long journey.

• Manufactured of lightweight ripstop fabric made from polyester and cotton blend. The ripstop weaving delivers increased resistance to tearing and ripping achieving a lightweight but equally resistant uniform ideal to get you started at BJJ.
• Polyester and cotton blend fabrics shrink less and dry faster than only-cotton uniforms. Thus, the BJJ Gi will be ready at any time right before starting the training.Wash it cold to preserve the initial properties at their best (Note that cotton uniforms shrink after first washings).
• Combining the quality control of the manufacture with the selected 225gsm ultra-lightweight fabric prevents the lifetime of the BJJ Gifromgetting compromised andturns it, at the same time, into a convenient choice for up to mid-intensity training in the hottest seasons.
• Same cutif compared to that from higher quality uniforms. Its lightweight fabric helps the student, additionally, to get used to the technique while wearing the Gi.
• The collar is reinforced with EVA foam on the inside for arefined grappling technique during the training.
• Plain and simple design to get the lowest price.
• Elastic waistband with laces in all the sizes helping the correct adjustment of the trousers to the fighter.
• Reinforced on shoulders, chest, side slits, crotch and knees in the same way as high quality uniforms.
• FUJIMAE Basic product line: Essential, iconic, timeless and neutral equipment. Designed to reach the lowest price yet paying attention to detail and without compromising any quality standard. The know-how of a specialist accessible for everyone.

SKU 10400
Composition 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
Grammage 225gsm
Discipline Jiu Jitsu Brazilian

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