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LIBRO : Taekwondo sparring strategies


Nouveau produit

19,62 €


Autor:A Gibson
Editorial:Unique Publications
Formato:25 x 18 cm
Peso:0,6 kg


This book is an exhaustive compilation of Taekwondo's training methods, techniques, and sparring strategies. Included are chapters on all the skills you need to hone your Taekwondo for the competition ring and for defense on the street, including: Speed, footwork, flexibility, strength and endurance, defense and combination attacks. As an added bonus, there are also chapters on recuperation and nutrition to help you increase your energy level and recover more quickly from tough workouts, grueling matches and injuries. Taekwondo Sparring Strategies is profusely illustrated with over 700 photographs detailing every aspect of mastering this dynamic martial art.

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